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Tropical Sunset Flat Socks - Small

Tropical Sunset Flat Socks - Small

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No Slip
The underside is a super grippy textured foam surface. These things seriously don't budge!

No Stink
FLAT SOCKS create a moisture-wicking barrier that saves your shoes from becoming a stinky swamp!

No Show
While you're out rockin' your FLAT SOCKS, they're your shoe’s best-kept secret!

Every Step Is a Walk on the Beach
For those who appreciate nature at its most sublime, these Tropical Sunset FLAT SOCKS will take you there—perhaps not in body, but in spirit. Step away from the crowds of tourists on the boardwalk wearing socks with their shoes, or even worse, with their sandals (yeah it is that bad, uncle Jim). Socks can be "totally tubular" without having to be tube socks. Think outside the socks with FLAT SOCKS.

Top Fabric Material:
100% polyester bk mesh

SMALL fits up to Women's 11, Men's 10

LARGE fits up to Women's 13+, Men's 14

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